LOT 1 DETAILS ~ 87,211 square ft. 2 acres -- SOLD

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West view from Lot 1
West View from Lot 1

Buckhorn Meadows' Lot 1 is a versatile building site.

It is located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Llama Ranch Road and Alturas Place with a broad swale angling through the northeast corner of the lot.

It has the potential for building a beautiful walkout design as well as an elevated flat area for on-grade construction of a two story. Though bordered on the north and east sides by the access roads, the premium building envelope is sequestered in the southwest corner, above and away from these roads.

This lot offers views in every direction and demands patios and courtyards as a part of any house plan for complete enjoyment of the remarkable panorama.

North view from Lot 1
North View from Lot 1
Northwest view from Lot 1
Northwest View from Lot 1

There is a great view of Horsetooth Rock and Buckskin Ridge to the north as well as the east ridge that towers over Buckhorn Creek. The balance of the lot is comprised of gentle contours that impart personality and a graceful foreground to the building envelope, yet fully amenable to recreational use for that family softball game or round of "mountain gold".

East view from Lot 1
East View from Lot 1
Northeast view from Lot 1
Northeast View from Lot 1

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