LOT 2 DETAILS ~ 87,173 square ft.~ 2 Acres -- $199,900

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North view from Lot 2
North View from Lot 2

Buckhorn Meadows' Lot 2 is the best suited of all five lots for the construction of a two story home.

It is bordered on the east by Alturas Place, and is mostly flat with some sloping ground in the northeast corner along the swale.

A walkout design is also possible though more limited in location. The lot relief naturally creates an access that crescendos to an elevated homesite and will impart a distinctive first impression.

Southeast view from Lot 2
Southeast View from Lot 2
Northeast view from Lot 2
Northeast View from Lot 2

The generous building envelope runs the length of the lot offering the choice of the builder's favorite view and orientation. Green Ridge and the Hogback to the west, Buckskin Ridge and Horsetooth Rock to the north, and the ridge above Buckhorn Creek to the east provide a variety of landscapes that are perpetually captivating.

East view from Lot 2
East View from Lot 2
West view from Lot 2
West View from Lot 2

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