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South view from Lot 3
South View from Lot 3

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In addition to vibrant, upclose scenery, Lot 3 offers some of the best privacy of the five lots in the development.  The outdoor living areas and landscape design of the house are exceptional because of the lot’s unique relief.  Perched on the bench overlooking the Buckhorn Creek bottom, the house has an east-facing deck and walkout patio that offer comfortable enjoyment of summer evening views while in the protective shade of the house.  This is in contrast to the typical Front Range view lot that has to locate outdoor living areas on the west side of the house rendering them uncomfortably hot on a typical summer evening.

The swale in front of the home dictates a graceful setback from the street as well as an elevated driveway that imparts a sense of both invitation and arrival.  An outbuilding could be located off the southeast corner of the house incorporating a two level design that could provide up to 2400 square feet of space while having minimal impact on the home’s appearance and views.

Northeast view from Lot 3
Northeast View from Lot 3
East view from Lot 3
East View from Lot 3

The deepest portion of the swale crosses the southwest corner of Lot 3 and assures a distinctive access to an imposing homesite. This perch will allow unrestrained surveillance of Buckhorn Creek and the wildlife that frequents the riparian haven as well as offering the constantly changing views of surrounding ridges and hills.

Southeast view from Lot 3
Southeast View from Lot 3
West view from Lot 3
West View from Lot 3

See our featured home on this lot.

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