LOT 4 DETAILS ~ 87,149 square ft.~ 2 Acres -- $295,000

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Buckhorn Meadows’ Lot 4 offers the very best in lot topography.  The east half of the lot offers an east-facing bench that allows a number of walkout designs onto the Buckhorn Creek bottom, while the west half offers the flat top of the bench for easy access for building and ultimately living in your home.  This ample top area also allows the addition of an outbuilding that will fit well into the flow and presentation of a home.  Additionally, access to the bench from the north access road offers a great spot for an RV garage.  It could be recessed into the bench and incorporated into a house and garage design that would make it undetectable from the street and have no impact on the aesthetics of the home or the other residences.

A commanding view of Buckhorn Creek and the associated meadow as well as the imposing ridge rising above the creek dominate a private eastern view.  This view is complemented by the distant panoramas of the ridges to the north and west.  Incorporating these views and the outdoor ambiance afforded by this lot needs to be the focus of any house designed for this site.

North view from Lot 4
North View from Lot 4
Northeast view from Lot 4
Northeast View from Lot 4
Northwest view from Lot 4
Northwest View from Lot 4
West view from Lot 4
West View from Lot 4

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