Welcome to Buckhorn Meadows, a unique foothills haven nestled just outside the hustle of city life and at the doorstep of wilderness tranquility. Buckhorn Meadows offers the best of Colorado living. The five, two acre lots provide an idyllic setting for your special home. They have the wide open feel of a large acreage yet offer the convenience and maintenance of just two acres. There is separation from urban activity, yet easy access to Loveland, Ft. Collins, and Estes Park and other Front Range locations.  Only minutes from recreational opportunities offered by Marianna Butte Golf Course, Bobcat Ridge and Devil’s Backbone Open Spaces, Horsetooth Mountain Park, Horsetooth Reservoir, and Poudre Canyon; Buckhorn Meadows is located at the crossroads of a balanced, active lifestyle.

Buckhorn Meadows viewed from the East Ridge looking West over Buckhorn Creek toward Green Ridge

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The size of the development (5 lots) is a distinct departure from the larger subdivisions that currently dominate the choices for home builders in Larimer County.  Fewer lots insure a more consistent collection of homes, cozy neighborhood appeal, and a more workable environment within the home owners association (HOA).  It also protects property values as the limited number of homes in this unique location dictates consistent demand.

Buckhorn Meadows Lot Layout and Dimensions Open Space Open Space Lot 1 Details Lot 2 Details Lot 3 Details Lot 4 Details Lot 5 Details Open Space


These lots are exceptional in their orientation and layout.  They offer east facing walkouts with stunning views as well as grades suitable for two story homes.  East-facing walkouts offer a significant advantage over the majority of view lots and homes along the Front Range.  Most of these homes typically face outdoor living areas to the west to enjoy mountain views. Those areas are virtually unusable or uncomfortable in the summer because of the intense heat generated by the Colorado sun.  

The lots lay so that virtually every square foot of each lot is available for incorporation into a smooth-flowing house and grounds.  Construction access is excellent.


Buckhorn Meadows Conservation Development is organized under a Home Owners Association that is responsible for the administration and application of legally filed covenants and architectural guidelines specific to the development. The covenants and guidelines insure each home will be constructed to reflect the owners’ tastes and preferences while contributing to a consistent, high quality community. An emphasis on quality construction and graceful design is apparent in the houses presently in the development. PJL construction is our preferred/recommended builder, but we welcome other reputable builders. All construction must be permitted by the Larimer County Building Department and built to conform to Larimer County Code.


Buckhorn Meadow’s central location is particularly appealing to those who love and actively enjoy the outdoors.  In addition to being located on the most popular bicycle route in Larimer County, the development is centered only minutes from Bobcat Ridge and Devil’s Backbone Open Spaces, Horsetooth Mountain Park, Horsetooth Lake Marina, and Marianna Butte Golf Course.  Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park are 30 minutes away as is the Poudre Canyon and it’s recreation offerings.

The development's central location provides easy urban access to Loveland (10 min.), Ft Collins (20 min.), Boulder (40 min.), and DIA (60 min.)

Open Space Map


Fifty acres of open space (residual land) is part of Buckhorn Meadows Conservation Development.  It is under the ownership of Buckhorn Meadows LLC.  A recreational easement gives residents recreational access to this land and Buckhorn Creek, which runs through the property.  A footbridge and picnic area grace the creek bottom and are provided for residents’ enjoyment.  This residual land will remain open in perpetuity in accordance with the development agreement signed by Larimer County and Buckhorn Meadows LLC.

Open Space Map

Having privately managed open space that residents can access is a distinct advantage for homeowners.  In most Conservation Developments, the residual land or open space is put in a conservation easement owned by the home owners association (HOA), comprised of the residents of the development.  The HOA, funded by the residents, is responsible for the maintenance expenses of these lands and incurs any liability accompanying ownership. In Buckhorn Meadows, this maintenance responsibility and liability remains with Buckhorn Meadows LLC as owners of the residual land/open space. 

Open Space Map

The LLC has leased the residual land/open space to Buckhorn Llama Co., Inc (BLCI) for the pasturing of llamas. Buckhorn Llama Co. has been a fixture in the Buckhorn Valley since 1981 and has been managing this parcel of land since 1991. Stan and Dianne Ebel (owners of Buckhorn Llama Co. and principals in Buckhorn Meadows LLC) own Lot 5 and intend to build and live there. This creates a natural liaison between the HOA, Buckhorn Meadows LLC, and Buckhorn Llama Co., Inc.

The llamas graze on a rotational basis and are not always present, depending on the season and pasture condition.  Llamas are efficient browsers, clean, quiet, enjoyable to watch, compatible with wildlife, and safe to be around. 

They offer distinct management advantages as they eat noxious plants that otherwise require spraying, and can graze areas that are inaccessible for mowing.  Their grazing prevents the buildup of dry grass and brush that can pose a fire danger.  Preventing this buildup also keeps out rodent and rabbit populations that can invade landscaping and structures as well as attract unwanted predators.


The development area is located well off County Road 27.  This affords each homesite private views and freedom from the constant roar of traffic and poor air quality common to so many developments.  The roads that take residents from County Road 27 to their homes are wide, well engineered, and paved for access that is both appealing and safe for residents and their guests.



Landscaping for Buckhorn Meadows has been designed to complement the natural and rural qualities of the Buckhorn Valley. The native stone used in the bus shelter, retaining walls, and signs as well as the wooden fences gracefully blend in with the natural valley features while adding distinctive finish to the community. Directed lighting marks the entry and intersections for safety and preserves the dark sky and bright stars that are part of the valley’s appeal. Low maintenance design reduces landscape expense and keeps HOA fees low.


There is a naturally high level of security and safety within the development.  Its location outside the urban area of Loveland and Ft. Collins and away from the county road limits the intrusion of scofflaws.  The fact that a working ranch has a 24 hour/day presence as well as a manned facility near the development entrance creates a natural deterrent to criminal behavior.  The presence of ranch personnel also provides a resource for help and support in emergency situations or for monitoring a home during a resident’s extended absence.


The development is on land that has historically been irrigated.  It is served by the Missouri Canyon Pipeline, a one-of-a-kind, high pressure gravity irrigation system.  Each lot has a tap on the pipeline from which residents can elect to take delivery of irrigation water.  Residents using the taps receive unlimited water for a set annual fee to irrigate landscaping with untreated water from the pipeline rather than irrigating with more expensive treated water delivered through the domestic water system (Little Thompson Water District).  The Missouri Canyon Pipeline delivers water at 50#  psi with the turn of the tap.


Domestic water is supplied to each lot by Little Thompson Water District (LTWD).  All pipelines, fire hydrants, and meter pits have been constructed.  Each residence is required to purchase a water tap from Buckhorn Meadows at the price set by LTWD.


Livestock is not allowed on the residential lots and is only permitted on the residual land/open space. Horse boarding facilities are located in close proximity to Buckhorn Meadows. Riding trails are available only minutes away at Devil's Backbone Open Space, Horsetooth Mountain Park, Lory State Park, and Bobcat Ridge Open Space.

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